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Taming The Wild Beast! - Identify and control lawn weeds.

We all want to be the neighbour that the street talks about. Lol, not THAT neighbour! The one everyone wants to know your lawn care secrets, silly! "How do they get their grass to be so beautiful?"

It's all about keeping your lawn healthy and happy. We all want to be happy and your yard does too! It's just communicates in a different way to ask for attention. It's like your problem child that decides not to clean his room if your don't feed him tater tots for supper. Your lawn just weakens and starts growing weeds to ask for attention.

The best way to control weeds in your grass is to make sure your grass is lush and green - healthy. When you have a healthy lawn it will be difficult for the weeds to establish and grow. You will look across your beautiful landscape and be proud to enjoy it to the fullest.

Compacted soils that have not been aerated, over mowed, scalped grass and water-deprived turf all allow for weeds to get a foothold in your lawn. Preventing or reversing these problems and maintaining a healthy lawn is the best way to permanently be the talk of the neighbourhood!


  1. Spend some time with your lawn. Lets call it a date :) Looks for weak spots in your lawn and see what plants are lurking in the turf. The location of your problems allow for your control techniques to vary. I.E if you have grass growing in your patio blocks hand digging and pulling may be the key.

  2. Chose the right treatment! Whether it is limiting screen time and making the kids hand-pull that pesky grass out of the flowerbeds to spraying your dandelions and broad leaf weeds with a control product. Your decide what is the best way to get your lawn to behave! Look into all the options.

  3. Follow through and monitor your results. you want to keep up the great work and your relationship with your lawn will be so much better. And if you lawn starts to tow the line...

  4. Give it a little extra love. Give it a fall overseed and fertilizer treatment. Or you can aerate it in the fall too. The lawn loves to breath at all times of the year. Give your lawn one last mow before the snow flys to take it into winter as healthy as possible. Keep the love affair going and your lawn will thank you.

Download our WEED ID newsletter to help identify some of those pesky lawn weeds that grow in your area!

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