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It all started with a seed



With the success of Prairie Environmental Services, we wanted to establish a sibling company that would provide the same high level of professional customer service and quality lawn care to our residential clients - with a bit of added personality to go along with it.


And with that, Dandy Lawns was born.


Whereas Prairie is the big sister of the duo, demure and tied to professionalism, Mr. Dandy carries forth a sense of joy, childlike wonder, and just the right amount of irreverence - all while continuing to uphold the family’s fine reputation. (In fact, he has told us in confidence that he thinks his sister is rather uptight, but that’s just between us!) In short, Dandy gets the job done right - with a bit of extra fun along the way.


Dandy’s owners represent the most merrymaking, happy-go-lucky, and hard-working citizens you will ever have the chance to meet; true locals with strong roots and rich history of volunteering within our community. It’s this deep connection, and a desire to share that sense of community pride that inspired them to launch Dandy Lawns.


Mr. Dandy believes homeowners should be proud of their yards and that they should have the opportunity to enjoy lush, green grass without stress. His strong dedication to customer service and treating his neighbours like gold is at the very heart of Mr. Dandy’s identity.


We hope you love our dynamic, dapper, dear ‘Dandy’ as much as we do!

Our team has over 70 years of collective experience

You can’t run a successful business without an amazing group of individuals to back you up, and Dandy Lawns is proud to have built a team dedicated to providing excellent customer service all year long. 

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Danielle Grant

Danielle is the brains behind the operations here and it is with her extensive expertise & industry knowledge that the company continues to flourish. Danielle’s passion for the environment and vegetation management doesn’t go unnoticed. She takes pride in the various programs she has developed for the surrounding communities and has been asked to speak at numerous forums in the industry. As the captain of the ship, she ensures all staff is properly trained and highly educated to guarantee the best experience for our customers. The staff at Dandy Lawns are fortunate to have Danielle as their mentor, teacher & friend.


Greg Grant


Greg is the Director of Operations and Co-owner of the company. He is a journeyman mechanic with many years of experience and possesses various pesticide applicators licenses. Greg keeps the fleet in tip-top condition and has endless patience when repairing damage to equipment that can, on occasion, occur when the busy world collides with his fleet. He performs those finesse spraying jobs that no one else can navigate and does so with a can-do attitude and a smile on his face.  He is never above getting down and dirty and working alongside the team. He is gifted when it comes to producing solutions to hurdles and creating efficiencies.  Greg is a deep thinker and his mind is always in motion.   Greg makes us laugh every single day and is the glue that makes the company run like a well-oiled machine.

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Tannas Webb


Tannas brings over 30 years of tree health, turf management, operational and leadership experience. She runs a tight ship with humor and fun and has brought employee retention, continued education and morale to the forefront of our operations. Tannas specializes in problem solving while juggling staff ability, superior customer service standards, company time-lines and budgets. If she's not working alongside our staff in her favourite place, the outdoors: you will find her revamping our employee manuals, refreshing our job descriptions or emailing our marching orders for weekend work. In short she keeps us moving positively forward with every thought she has in her day-to-day operations. You will find Tannas overseeing our managers, which sometimes looks similar to a lion tamer at work. She can be found on our large jobs and even down and dirty in the day to day grind. When she sees work that needs done, she is the first to jump on board and make sure it is getting completed.

Chris Tompkins


Chris has been around our company for a number of years, but this year (2023) we are proud to have him come on in Full Time capacity.

Chris specializes in getting things done! He is highly organized and has added his knowledge and can-do attitude to our expanding leadership team. With his pesticide applicators' license in aquatic fish species and landscape applications we are very happy he has chosen to join our team. He is working towards his apprenticeship in the Landscape industry and plans to return to show us all the new methods and developments.

Chris loves being outdoors, and his happy place is out with the crews. When you see him stop by to say hi!


Grow with Us

Sunlight, fresh air, and the chance to grow -
does this sound like heaven to you?

Dandy Lawns is always on the lookout for exceptional individuals to join our team, year round. If you are highly-motivated, dependable, and passionate about lawn care, we want to hear from you! Click below to contact us about our current employment opportunities.

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Tired of All The Mosquitos in Your Back Yard?

Sign up below to find out which plants can keep those bugs at bay!

What should I expect from Mr. Dandy's Lawn Care PROGRAMS?

Depending on what programs you have signed up for, your first application will be a fertilizer application either late April or early May.  Herbicide applications will then follow in May and occur once every 4 to 6 weeks.

Granular fertilization application will be applied in the same visit, building stronger plants, and strengthening the lawn against those pesky weeds.  During the fall, an application of winter fertilizer is also applied, ensuring your lawn stays healthy through the winter.

When Will the application start to work?

Most common broadleaf weeds such as dandelion, thistle, and clover will die within one week, however, some pesky weeds may need a second application for it to take full effect. With our awesome weed control packages, have no fear we will make sure you have a weed-free lawn the entire summer!

Is a one Time application avaliable?

No, unfortunately. Mr.Dandy wants to provide you with the best lawn possible, so your neighbours will be so jealous. He does not offer one-time service, as a beautiful lawn needs long-term, full-season care. With our DYNAMIC weed control packages and full-season fertilization, you can enjoy a green lawn all summer long.

Have more questions? drop us a line!
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Dandy Lawns is a lawn care company serving the Foothills of southern Alberta, including High River, Okotoks, Airdrie, and the Calgary Area. We provide world-class grass and lawn management, weed and feed, snow removal, Yard aerations and mosquito & pest control for residential and acreage property owners. Our experts can help you determine when is the best time to fertilize your lawn, apply weed killer, or even help you with your garden.


If you are a landscaper or landscaping company and are interested in our services please contact our sister company, Prairie Environmental Services. For more information on current job openings, please view the employment application process section on our About page.

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OPENING HOURS : Most of our days are spent in the field, but please feel free to send us an email or call us. 

TEL : 403.938.5040

WE SERVICE: Okotoks  |  High River  |  Black Diamond  |  Turner Valley  |  Strathmore | Nanton | Claresholm | + surrounding areas

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