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Your Acreage Specialists

You Live out of town to love the wide-open spaces. What if those spaces are now sad and full of weeds?

We can help!

Our great residential packages can be custom-created for your acreage too.

We can provide liquid fertilizer and weed control, even acreage aerations. We also after granular fertilizer treatments for that added boost for your home retreat.


  We use the same method and attention to detail on our acreage properties as we do with our residential clients. 



DandyLawns flower
DandyLawns flower
DandyLawns flower
Dandelion Seeds
weed control

A lush green lawn can be yours, from dandelions to clover, we rid your lawn of annoyingly persistent plants.

We can quickly and efficiently control your weeds and get your lawn back in tip-top shape.

We work with your budgets and timelines. Contact us to get a FREE quote today.

 tractor fertilizing

A little goes a long way.

We offer both liquid and granular fertilizer options. Contact us to find out which is best for you!


Too much (or not enough) fertilizer can quickly damage your lawn and undo all of your hard work. No matter the size or shape we guarantee your yard will be perfectly green.

Close up of a mechanical lawn aerator
acreage aeration

Your lawn needs to breathe, and aeration can help.


In Alberta, the best time to aerate is from May to June and again in mid-September. We can get you into our system for a service this coming season.

pasture  weed and brush control

Whether you own one acre or one hundred, we can take the work off your plate.

Fully trained, licensed and experienced staff can help you choose the right chemical to control the problem plants found on your land.


We offer full-service season-long packages too! Contact us for a free estimate.

We can custom create the package of your dreams.

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