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What are your weekends worth? Mine... a beer and book on the deck, thank you!

Updated: Feb 7

Could you take care of your own weeds! Yes, of course. Truthfully I can do a lot of stuff if I put my mind to it and it's not Friday night after a long work week. But why not leave it to the professionals! The DANDY LAWNS men and women are professionally trained and educated. We have the right equipment, services, product and know-how.

By the time you purchase the product– wait for the right time and weather (you think)- change into your weekend grubby clothes -read the manufacturers specs and dosage – go back and purchase the correct applicator – reread the specs and find out you will need 8 more bottles of product – DANDY – JUST DANDY !!!! (the kids are listening to your rant – keep it clean)

What if you mistakenly take out your neighbour's prized rose bush by applying the wrong mixture or product through the fence? You thought things were tense with them before all this. Do you have the know-how of the right product and procedures to bring back the ice melt brown grass beside the driveway and sidewalk? DANDY does!

Nothing is better than coming home from a day with your family with the neighbours staring at you – in their grubby weekend lawn clothes - having sweat the day away doing things that Dandy Lawns has done for you. Crack a cold beverage and enjoy your yard. All the while giggling at them.

It’s literally $2.55 a day to have a DANDY LAWN?!

Did you know we can also treat your property line in the back alley so you can quit putting off doing that task as well. Who looks in the alley? The neighbour who has been working from home the last year!

Lawn ENVY is Property ENVY. Cheers Mr. Dandy!

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